Thank You!

Over the past 4 years 78 different individuals and organization have donated a total of $14,452 towards my work with Ultimate Peace!

To all of them, I say:

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Thank you Alex, Allen, Amy, Andrea, Anne, Ariel, Barbara, Bay State Health, Ben H., Ben J., Bill, Breakmark, Brian, Catherine H., Catherine P., Charlie, Cheryl, Chris, Claire, Craig, Dale, David, Debra, Denise, Dick, Donna, Ethan, George, Helen, Holly, J & Ali, Janet B., Janet F., Jenya, Jesse , Jessica, Jim, Josh, Karen, Kate D., Kate F., Kate R., Katie, Kendra, Kim, Kris & John, Laura, Laurel & Dylan, Linda R., Linda W., Margaret, Marianne, Marise, Mark, Marybeth, Mat, Nancy, Nick, Priscilla, PVI, Rob, Robert, Robyn, Rona, Sandra, Sandy, Scott, Sharon, Suzy, Theodore, Thepthai, Traci, Valley Medical, Yoon Sun, Zach A., and Zach P.!