Round 2 is about to begin

The past 48 hours have been extremely restful. On Sunday we all went rafting on the river Jordan, followed by a tour of a winery. I slept on all the bus rides between locations, which was a wonderful added bonus. On Sunday I went down to Tel Aviv by train to spend a day in the city with a couple UP coaches who were taking off for home. We had a nice time out at night on Sunday, followed by a full day or walking around the city on Monday. We relaxed on the beach, ate very tasty meals in the city, and took in the sunny views. Last night I made it back to Acco with a new UP coach, and spent the evening getting back into the regular swing of things. I worked on coaches training with Nancy, wrangled a wireless router, and met lots of the new coaches. The energy level was amped up with all the new arrivals. The Mohadoun hummed with conversation and camp prep.

Beach time in Acco!

Today is the grand kick off of what is gong to be a phenomenal two days of prep and  training followed by five days of Summer Camp. Everyone is excited for what’s to come, especially for the incredible amount of new energy for this iteration of camp: 60 coaches and CITs (up from 30) and 120 campers (up from 80). Let’s go UP!

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