SJA Spirit of the Game Prize

I just launched a new annual prize at St. Johnsbury Academy that will be given out at each Last Chapel. From the prize’s charter document:

The Spirit of the Game prize will be given to a St. Johnsbury Academy girl and boy annually who have participated in two or more years of Ultimate Frisbee, shown a strong work ethic, and who have always practiced good sportsmanship in true embodiment of the Spirit of the Game.

Here’s the video of me presenting the¬†inaugural¬†awards:

Noah’s Last Chapel Speech

Everyone morning during the school year all sophomores, juniors, and seniors meet for a live reading of the morning announcements along with (usually) several other live performance. The gather is non-denomination and called “Chapel”. It’s one of the central core elements to the identity of St. Johnsbury Academy.

Last Chapel is the big goodbye ceremony for departing faculty. Each departing faculty member gets to choose the student who gives their farewell speech. I chose Noah Abramson. Here’s his speech:

State Championship Banners

This morning in chapel the returning members of the St. Johnsbury Academy girls and boys 2012 state championship teams presented the school with their state champs banners! The girls team also presented their first place trophy from last weekend’s NMH tournament. Go Saint J!

Here are some photos and video from the event:

PS. The boys also won the state champs n 2007. The banner will be modified accordingly ASAP.