The calm before the storm

Coming into camp I did resolve to sleep more this time around. Judging by how things have been progressing over the first few days, I’m not sure that goal is going to be realized. In an effort to get ahead of the craziness that will be tomorrow influx of coaches, and the training session I will be running, I wanted to get this post done before sleeping. Here’s how today went down:

It turns out my new cell phone has a pretty decent alarm that builds to a rather startling crescendo in 10 seconds time. After hitting it several times, I got up and managed my morning routine without the nicer amenities of my checked bag. Oh, I did get an email from the baggage company saying my backpack should show up tomorrow. Yay. After showing I enjoyed a nice breakfast of bread and what I call Israeli Nutella. It’s a bit sweeter and not as thick as Nutella, but still quite good.

I then transitioned back to working on training materials. Linda made a shopping run and picked me up some very tasty wafer cookies that I really need to not eat so many of. In the mid-afternoon David, Nancy, and Amir showed up, so now, really, camp can begin. During the day the Pearl boys materialized, as did Idan. Later in the evening Chelsea, Sarah, and Alice joined the party.

For lunch we enjoyed some chicken and various side dishes. Also, in the late-afternoon a bunch of people went to the pool. During their foray into the outside world I continued to work on coaching materials, socialized with Raz, and rested a bit. I also spent some time working on the camp IT infrastructure, doing battle with a wireless printer, and fixing some collateral damage I most likely caused on a pretty nice SSD netbook.

For dinner we had a great round of Falafel, which I capped off with some great ginger (?) and lemon potatoes. The evening was filled with lots of organizational work, as the various directors buzzed about copying, strategizing, and tackling spreadsheets. Overall, everyone is feeling really good about the full opening tomorrow.

One thought on “The calm before the storm

  1. Yo!

    Man bummer about your bag! I guess that is par for the course with international flights once in a while. Good thing it should be coming soon. Israeli Nutella ey? That sounds fantastic. Good luck with the opening!!


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