Training Camp Day 2

I’ve been getting better at obeying my alarm, so I managed to get all my media work done before heading to breakfast with my roommate, Abe. Grouped up at our table, my team — now names “Nutella” — enjoyed a round of pancakes. Everyone was then moved into the auditorium for announcements before team practices began.

My team had an hour of team time off the field which we filled with WA!, Look up look down, the marking drill, layout drills from our knees, and other social interactions. Several of my players were interviewed by Rachael, Maggie, and Nathan. At 10:30 we grouped up in the middle of campus for snack, and then moved to the field for practice. Adam kicked things off with running warm ups and then I transitioned the team into our standard go-to drill, followed by a vertical stack cutting drill. The kids moved through the drills very well. For the last 30 minutes of the session we scrimmaged team Yellow. We scored first and had some amazing flow on our way to going up 4-1. Yellow scored the last two goals before we had to break for lunch. We payed very well and are super excited for the start of the tournament tomorrow. We finished practice with another one of our utterly amazing cheers and then the kids went off to get cleaned up and ready for lunch.

By 1pm we were back in the dining hall, eating a large lunch of falafel, schwarma, and several other options. I’m a big fan of the local hot-sauce chilly paste. Good stuff. Once again, the dining hall was filled with several rounds of team cheers as we all ate. Next, we all transitioned to the auditorium where we found out about all of the various free time options. In addition to a large pool trip, the kids who stayed on campus could use the slip and slide, watch Ultimate videos, play disc golf, play¬†badminton, or participate in a bunch of other activities.

By 4:30 the kids were grouping up in the middle of campus for evening practices. My team made it out the fields and after a short warm up, we moved through go-to and the cutting timing drill from the morning session. A few of the other staff members joined in and everyone had a great time mastering the timing on their cuts as well as their long throws. We ended on another solid cheers and moved back to our spot in the center of campus for some team social time. We ran through some more social games, and then joined up with team pink for a round of WA! Back over at our standard tree meeting spot, we worked through a new table cheer to break out at dinner.

By 7pm we were at dinner and 20 minutes in we unleashed a perfect, 3 section table cheer. Go us! After getting out fill of food, all of the kids moved into the auditorium for some video clips while the staff met outside to over the plans for the Camp Olympics. By about 8:30pm the kids were spread around the main field participating in 8 different games. A massive amount of fun was had.

The night is now winding down with kids playing in the central area of campus while other watch the Eurocup2012 finals. Everyone is excited for the start of the tournament tomorrow. Time to sleep.

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